3-D Machine Vision Solutions

Most machine vision systems still work in a two-dimensional world. Cameras do not capture depth information and, until recently, many product attributes could not be automatically inspected.

i4 Solutions offers vision systems that work in three dimensions. These reliable "3-D" solutions can do what was impossible with older technology. Here are a few examples of past projects.

material profiler

Material Profiler

  • Vision system measures thickness, width and length of materials as they travel down a conveyor.
  • Nominal material dimensions and tolerances are obtained from an existing database.
  • Actual dimensions are archived for historical reporting.
  • Custom calibration tool and software wizard simplify calibration.

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cannula angle bow inspection

Cannula Inspection

  • Vision system gauges cannula angle, bow, and length in 3-D.
  • Measurements are independent of cannula orientation.
  • An additional camera is used to detect blunted points.

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case count verification

Case Count Verification

  • Vision system measures the height of parts stacked within a case to verify correct quantity.
  • Machine easily adjusts to inspect cases of various heights.
  • Over a dozen different case configurations are supported.

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snack bar inspection

Snack Bar Inspection

  • Vision system captures 3-D profile of each snack bar.
  • Calculates volume of each bar.
  • Bars can be rejected based on width, length, height, area and/or volume.
  • Rejects bad bars before they upset packaging process.

Don't quite see what you're looking for? We customize solutions.

We offer a free project evaluation service. Send us sample parts, your inspection criteria, and information about where the camera(s) may be mounted. We'll test your samples in our vision lab, then send you a report detailing technical feasibility. To learn more, contact us using the form at the bottom of this page. Or just call 612-888-6000.