Machine Vision Solutions for Packaging

pouch seal inspection

Pouch Seal Inspection

  • Detects open side and top seals.
  • Works with most paper and pastic films.
  • Innovative design detects when front and back films are not in contact.
  • 6000 or more seal inspections per minute.
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bottle cap fill level inspection

Bottle Inspection

  • Detects open, cocked, and improperly torqued caps.
  • Verifies fill level.
  • Quick product change-over.
  • Easily trainable on new bottle types.
pouch identification

Pouch Identification Vision System

  • Existing graphic on pouch is used to identify flavor.
  • Filling machine is automatically stopped if operator loads wrong pouch foil.
  • Wizard helps users train system on each flavor's graphic pattern.
  • Works even when some dust has accumulated on camera, light and foil.
  • 14 systems installed.
carton OCV

Carton Optical Character Verification

  • Machine vision system verifies code printed on each carton.
  • Any incorrect cartons are rejected instead of being loaded into a case.
  • High-resolution camera is effective even when characters are small.
  • Characters may read left-to-right or top-to-bottom.
  • 4 systems installed.
pouch OCV

Pouch Optical Character Verification

  • A product code is laser-etched on each pouch when it is filled.
  • Vision system verifies product code prior to pouch being loaded into a carton.
  • Any incorrect pouches are rejected.
  • Even works on characters having little contrast against background.
  • 8 systems installed.
case inspection

Case Inspection System

  • Verifies all bottles present.
  • Confirms each cap has a plug.
  • Checks that cardboard collar is present.
label datamatrix verification

Datamatrix System

  • Identifies product using datamatrix code printed on label.
  • Vision system verifies 450 codes per minute – or more if needed.
  • Other 1-D and 2-D code formats are supported.
date code verification

Date Code Verification

  • Date code is printed on each carton using CIJ printer.
  • Vision system verifies correct date code.
  • Communicates with PLC to determine correct date code.
  • Multiple systems installed.
case count vision system

Case Count Vision System

  • Counts quantity of items stacked in a case.
  • Check-weigher not reliable for counting items because weight of each item varies.
  • Easily trained on multiple case configurations.
  • Adjustable boom accommodates variety of case heights.
carton vision system

Carton Identification Vision System

  • Machine vision system identifies product type using graphic pattern.
  • Wizard helps authorized users train each product type.
  • System confirms that graphic is unique for each product type.
  • 8 systems installed.
bottle cap inspection

Bottle Cap Inspection

  • Vision system detects missing and cross-threaded caps.
  • We also offer a 3-D solution that detects more subtle issues using a single camera.
barcode inspection

Barcode Verification System

  • Foil background was problematic for a laser barcode scanner.
  • Vision system not only verifies barcode data, but also barcode quality.
  • Reads and grades both one and two dimensional codes.
  • Can process codes regardless of orientation.

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