Experienced Machine Vision Integrator

i4 Solutions develops, sells and supports turn-key machine vision solutions. Over twenty years their staff has gained special expertise in serving FDA regulated industries, including food, beverage, and medical device.

Food & Beverage

i4 Solutions' systems can inspect food and beverage products to verify correct size, color, shape, quantity, and toppings. They are also frequently used to automate the inspection of food and beverage packaging.

Medical Device

The rigors of manufacturing medical devices go well beyond that of most industries. i4 Solutions' methodical approach to all projects lends itself well to serving this industry. Here are some examples of medical device inspection systems. Also see examples of successful label and package inspection solutions.


Identify items to verify that the right product is always put into the right package. Ensure each package is loaded, sealed and labeled correctly. Learn about successful packaging inspection solutions.

General Manufacturing

Manufacturers from a variety of industries have leveraged i4 Solutions' expertise in optics, lighting and software. Here are more examples of turnkey machine vision systems. Also check out their experience developing 3-dimensional vision systems.