Machine Vision Solutions for General Manufacturing

linescan inspection

Accurate Counting System

  • Linescan vision system counts randomly positioned parts on wide conveyors or webs.
  • Can be configured to count (or ignore) items having certain dimensional characteristics.
precision measurement vision system

Precision Measurement System

  • Large-format high-resolution vision system measures part features.
  • Telecentric lenses on both camera and light for ultimate accuracy.
  • Precision calibration grid corrects for even the smallest lens aberrations.
label inspection

Label Inspection

  • Vision system verifies labels are applied correctly.
  • Robust performance regardless of label color.
casting inspection

Casting Inspection

  • Two cameras inspect cast fins.
  • Communicates with Fanuc robot.
3-D profiler

3-D Material Profiler

  • Measures thickness, width and length of materials as they travel down a conveyor.
  • Nominal material dimensions and tolerances are obtained from an existing database.
  • Actual dimensions are archived for historical reporting.
  • Custom calibration tool and software wizard simplify calibration.
glass inspection

Glass Inspection

  • Detects 20-micron flaws in glass.
  • Two cameras and five lights for optimal performance.
  • Database for historical reporting.
electrical connector inspection

Electrical Connector Inspection

  • Vision system inspects connectors mounted on electronic assemblies.
  • Checks orientation, detects bent and missing pins, confirms keyway position, etc.
  • Multiple light sources and motorized zoom lens add flexibility.
  • Barcode scanner captures part number, lot number and operator ID.
  • 3-axis cartesian robot positions camera to inspect each feature.
  • Reports inspection history by part, lot, date, and operator.
mirror inspection

Mirror Inspection

  • Inspects high-grade mirrors.
  • Detects pinholes, cracks, and rough edges, as well as checking dimensions.
  • Special lighting and material handling techniques.
punch gauging

Cap Gauging

  • Gauges location, dimensions, and shape of punched notches.
  • Vision system inspects thousands of part types, without having to teach system on each type.
print registration inspection

Print Registration

  • Vision system verifies print registration.
  • Communicates with press controls for automated correction.
metal nut inspection

Nut Inspection

  • Verifies outside diameter.
  • Checks keyway.

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