Machine Vision Solutions for Food & Beverage

pastry inspection

Pastry Inspection

  • Vision system inspects pastries randomly positioned on belt.
  • Checks shape of each pastry.
  • Verifies frosting has sufficient coverage.
fruit snack inspection

Fruit Snack Inspection

  • Confirms snacks are properly aligned prior to packaging.
  • Replaced existing smart camera that failed to locate mixed-color snacks.
3-D snack bar inspection

3-D Snack Bar Inspection

  • Vision system captures 3-D profile of each snack bar.
  • Volume of each bar is calculated.
  • Bars can be rejected based on width, length, height, area and/or volume.
  • Rejects bad bars before they upset packaging process.
vegetable inspection

Root Sortation

  • Classifies and sorts gingseng roots based on size and shape.
  • Single camera mounted above 36" wide high-speed conveyor.
precision counting system

Precision Counting System

  • Counts baked goods randomly spaced on a wide conveyor.
  • Operator can configure to count (or ignore) items based on their geometric properties.
  • Accurately counts items that touch, or even partially overlap.

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