Simplimax 6.0

September 2016

5 Reasons to Deploy Simplimax 6.0

Simplimax is the natural evolution of i4 Solutions’ SurePack package inspection system. It blends SurePack’s ease-of-use with technology updates for even greater performance.

Five of the many good reasons to deploy Simplimax 6.0 include:

  1. Verify any mark, regardless of type or technology. Simplimax reads marks made with a laser, continuous inkjet printer, embossing stamp or traditional print process. Verify 1D and 2D barcodes, graphic patterns, and both dot and stroke based characters.
  2. Inspect any object, with support for any combination of 131 different camera models. Some cameras have motorized focus to accommodate objects of varying height. The cameras deliver up to 29 Megapixel resolution and up to 510 images per second.
  3. Apply higher-resolution cameras at higher inspection rates with the new image processor, built on an Intel Skylake i7-6700TE chipset. The rugged fan-less housing handles hot industrial enviornments, up to 70 degrees C, 158 degrees F.
  4. Simplimax enables better use of high resolution touchscreen displays, including 4K video. Gain a bigger window into the inspection process.
  5. The engine inside Simplimax is built on the latest software technologies for reliable results and long term support.